Do you ever refrain from smiling because you feel apprehensive about how your teeth look?

We are so confident that our system will whiten your teeth to your natural white shade, we’re willing to take all the risk out of your decision to try us out.

All teeth will whiten differently however if in the unlikely event your teeth do not whiten at all, you can choose to get a full refund or a free 40 minute whitening session


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Fast and Effective:

Whitening your teeth with the 6 time award winning Polus™ Teeth Whitening system with innovative LightBridge™ technology is scientifically proven to whiten your teeth more effectively and faster than any other system in the world.

Guaranteed Natural:

Because the POLUS™ system is naturally gentle, you have little to no risk of sensitivity and entirely no risk of damage to your natural tooth structure.

Beyond Polus Teeth Whitening

Safe, Eco Friendly Whitening Gels
Because we use modern eco friendly whitening gel your safety is assured as the advanced formula, light activated whitening gel gently migrates through the natural ‘pores’ in your tooth enamel, removing stains deep within your teeth revealing your whitest, brightest Beaming Smile.


Then, when the light turns off, the gel does the environmentally smart thing; it separates into water and oxygen.

This means not only are your surface stains removed, but also the stains found deep inside your teeth. So your teeth get whiter faster, and stay whiter longer.

Every ones teeth take on to whitening differently. The results you see on our results page are typical however there are cases where by you will need more then one session to achieve similar results. This all depends on your age, what type of staining you have and how well your teeth take on to the whitening. 


I had such a great experience at Beaming Smile. I felt comfortable, informed and the whole procedure was so simple, easy and pain free. I have had laser teeth whitening in the past and had quite bad sensitivity during the treatment and for the next 24-48hrs after, but with the treatment at Beaming Smile I had no sensitivity at all. 

Highly recommended! 


"My teeth had staining from years of smoking and drinking coffee. I was given realistic idea of what my teeth might look like. I had to do two sessions but my results were great. Whitest they have ever been. Thanks, Beaming Smile."

Anthony A.

"My teeth are still looking fantastic! Thanks again for the (surprisingly) wonderful experience - I'm stoked with the result!"



All about the bass


Your safety and comfort are of utmost importance to our team. That is why all your practitioners are New Zealand Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Association trained and certified. We whiten more teeth in a month than a dentist does in a year!


We use up to date technology to provide you with fast, safe and comfortable way to return your teeth to their optimal, natural whiteness in less than two hours.



You will find us conveniently located on the top floor of Dominion Road Surgery in Mt Eden who have been providing quality healthcare since 2000.


We use Dentist strength Polus system, which has been independently voted by 'Dentist Advisor' as 'The Worlds Best Teeth Whitening System' for the past 6-years in a row. Products used are FDA and ISO regulated and approved.


This means you get whiter smile in less time than older technology systems with little to no teeth sensitivity.


Beaming smile provides you with affordable teeth whitening. At the fraction of the price for exactly what you would get at a dentist and we use eco-friendly, cosmetic level teeth whitening gel which is also animal cruelty-free (not tested on animals).


Please feel free to ask any questions before you book your teeth whitening experience; we are here to look after you.

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NZCTWA Registered Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Practitioner


NZCTWA Registered Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Practitioner

NZCTWA registered cosmetic teeth whitening practitioner


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